Auto Racing Advertising Need Not Be Expensive!
Many companies are paying millions of dollars to advertise on the sides, and fronts of race cars. But thanks to the lower costs of SCCA Club Racing, we can offer you a sponsorship package for much less than other forms of racing.

Who will see my name?
Most of the races that we attend are in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Eastern New Mexico. But your advertising is not only seen in these areas. If you choose full sponsorship, press releases with YOUR name listed as sponsor will be sent to both the Midland Reporter Telegram, the Odessa American, and any other major newspaper you prefer, reporting our successes.
Also many people driving down the road, whether they are listening to the radio, or reading a newspaper, will see YOUR name on the race car as it is towed to and from the races. In addition the races car will be made available, when not being raced, for promotions at YOUR location.

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